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  • Healing Mind

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Sidi Bishr Royal Hospital
  • Royal Clinics

    Sidi Bishr Royal hospital presents its outpatient clinics under the supervision of excellent consultants, professors and specialists in all specialties to serve patients with perfect service.

  • Emergency Departments

    Sidi Bishr Royal hospital Emergency Room has an advanced equipment and readiness to handle all critical cases.

  • Qualified Staff

    There are many different kinds of excellent doctors: consultants, professors and specialists. The list below explains the role of hospital doctors that may be involved in your care.

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Latest News

Dr. Sherif speaks about some critical issues which face diabetics in Ramadan:
- Risks exposed to diabetics in Ramadan.
- Dates required to measure blood sugar.
- Acceptable percentages for the analysis... [Read more]

Dr. Mohamed Abodou speaks about some critical issues which face Mothers after childbirth:
* Postpartum and breastfeeding tips are healthy, and if your baby gets a feed.
* The most important advice when breast... [Read more]

Dr. Sherif speaks about some critical issues which face diabetics:
- The most important tips for diabetics.
- Nutrition of diabetic patients.
- Sports for diabetics.
- Treatment of diabetes and reasons... [Read more]

Dr. Aladdin speaks about some critical issues which face chest patients:
- Sprays and methods of use and whether they are useful or harmful.
- Is Cortisone beneficial or harmful? And the timing of its handling.[Read more]

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